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What Makes Polsinello a Leader in Propane

Matt Polsinello - Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The most crucial deciding factor when choosing a propane company most often is pricing. At Polsinello Fuels Inc., we pride ourselves on being a leader in the propane industry.

Propane pricing is wildly unpredictable. What some don’t realize is that the hydrocarbon that is propane goes through a long journey before we bring it to your tank! First, it must be produced during natural gas processing and crude oil refining, before it is stored and shipped out to the U.S. markets in a myriad of ways. Every step of this process affects propane prices!

You may notice that propane companies can have vastly different prices. Unfortunately, some try to trick consumers by offering low prices and then tack on several fees and charges that they may not be upfront about. Or they might develop a confusing system of pricing per gallon used. Polsinello does not have any hidden fees or charges, and our competitive prices are easy to understand.

In addition to our straightforward propane prices, we have developed several Price Protection Programs. These programs were developed so we can offer large discounts, as well as a defense against high propane prices. Although we cannot control propane prices, we work tirelessly to ensure that our customers receive the very best pricing and programs around!

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