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Turn Ons and Turn Offs: When to Run Your Air Conditioner

Matt Polsinello - Monday, July 21, 2014
When the weather forecast calls for hazy, hot and humid days, many of us run to our air conditioner’s thermostat and toggle it down to reach a refreshing 65-degrees. We don’t expect an immediate response, but we do want it comfortable enough to sleep without tossing and turning. As a general rule of thumb, with central air conditioning, it will usually take about one hour to drop around four degrees. 

Common sense may tell you to turn off the A/C the next morning when everyone’s leaving for school or work.  Banish the thought! If the weather is forecast to be scorching for several days, then your air conditioning should be left on. Go ahead and adjust the temperature up or down, but leave the system on during a hot period. 

By keeping the system running at a pleasant temperature, your home will have the humidity removed, which makes the house far more comfortable and livable. 

In contrast, when the weather takes a refreshing turn anticipated to last a few days, go ahead and turn the A/C off and throw open the windows. 

For more advice on keeping your home cool and comfortable during the dog days of summer, call us at Polsinello today.

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