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The Benefits of an Air Conditioning System

Matt Polsinello - Wednesday, May 17, 2017

As the temperatures start to rise, it's natural to ask: how am I going to keep cool this summer?

There are a few options: 

- Stick it out with just a few fans and open windows.
- Buy a window unit to use in one of the rooms
- Install an air conditioning system 

Why Should I Opt for An Air Conditioning System?

Central air conditioning systems are the most efficient way to move cool air throughout your home in a quick and even manner. More than that, air conditioning systems come with an additional benefit - they improve the quality of your indoor air.

How Does It Work?

With an air conditioning system, air ducts or vents are located in each room to evenly distribute your cool air. When the system is running, cool air will be sent through the air ducts/vents. 

In each room, there are also return-air ducts which pulls air back in. When this happens, the air that is pulled in is then filtered by the system. This process removes airborne particles that reduce air quality, such as lint, dust, pollen and pet dander. The filtered air is then sent back through the air ducts, providing you with the clean, cool air you deserve! 

Other Advantages:

Air conditioning systems also come with additional benefits. They are:

Quieter: Since the condenser, fan, and compressor for an air conditioning system are all located in an outdoor unit, there is little to no indoor noise. 

Inconspicuous: You won't be losing the view outside your window with a bulky unit obstructing your view. Not only that but since air conditioning systems don't take up any room, it also won't change the look of your interior design. 

Simple: No need to fit units to your window and shut it on and off as needed. Air conditioning systems are controlled by a single console that can program temperature and times. 

Multi-Functional: Some systems can control both cool and hot air! Two systems in one - now that's what we call efficiency!

Now What?

If you're ready to make your life more comfortable this summer, Polsinello Fuels Inc. is ready to help you! We carry and install top brands such as Carrier, Lennox, LG and more. Our knowledgeable team can walk you through the process, and make you feel secure that you're installing the right system for you.

For customer emergencies please call
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