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September Energy-Saving Tips

Matt Polsinello - Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Your AC may not be blasting anymore, but it doesn’t mean you can’t save energy in other areas of your home. Here’s other ways to save energy in your residence during the month of September:


Set Timers In Your Home

The sun is starting to rise a little later each morning. Set your coffee maker to a reasonable hour so your coffee is ready when you get up, and it’s turned off by the time you go to work.


Turn Unused Lights Off

Don’t leave lights on all night. If you need guidance in the middle of the night – use nighlights, keep a flash night next to your bed, or use your cell phone to avoid bumping into anything.


Don’t Leave the Water Running

Don’t waste water. Cut back on watering your lawn and flowers. You can also save on water use in your home. For instance, turn off your faucet while you are brushing your teeth. You waste an immense amount of water leaving the faucet running.


Stay Warm on the Chilly Nights

Some nights can get chilly in September. If you are trying to avoid turning up the heat, bundle up with extra blankets and make sure you haven’t left any of your windows open from the warmer days.

Also opening your curtains during the day and closing them at night, lets the warm air in and keeps it in longer during the night.


Get a Home Energy Audit

Hire a professional to audit your home to save energy and money. Polsinello Fuels offers customers this program to homeowners who are unaware of areas in their homes that can use improvement. Give us a call today to find out more information at 518-465-3535.


For customer emergencies please call
518-465-3535 or 518-463-0084

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