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Avoid Paying High Energy Bills This Winter

Matt Polsinello - Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Saving money is always a priority, especially during the holidays. Finding the best deals can help eliminate paying top dollar.  Not only can you save on your holiday shopping, but you can also make adjustments to your home in order to cut 10% on your total annual energy bills, no coupons needed. Polsinello Fuels has some suggestions to help keep you warm this winter and gain some extra cash.

Heating your home is not enough to keep you warm in the winter. If you don’t seal and insulate those cracks and crevices, you’ll feel the need to crank up your heat causing you to pay a higher out-of-pocket expense. When you make these changes in your home, you’ll see your utility bill go down, an improvement in your comfort level, reduced noise from outside, humidity control, and less pollen entering the home.

In order to start seeing these savings, there are three steps that need to be completed. First, sealing air leaks will help block the cold air from entering your home. Most leaks are easy to find since they’re easily felt, however, when there are leaks in basements or attics, those can be more problematic. These leaks are the big money-wasters. There are several products you can use to help prevent these leaks, such as the use of caulk, spray foam, and weather stripping for small leaks, plywood, drywall or rigid foam for covering large holes, and sheet metal or high-temperature caulk to close gaps around chimneys and furnace flutes. Second, is adding the insulation. This is what keeps you warm during those blustery winter nights. Common types of insulation include fiberglass, cellulose, rigid foam board, and spray foam. Third, replace windows that are not high-quality or energy efficient.  Quality windows will prevent cold air from coming into your home.

Polsinello Fuels wants you to get the most out of your heating system. Providing these suggestions can ensure you have an energy-saving, comfortable winter season. Remember, if you’re in need of a heating system, we provide installations to meet your needs and budget. And if there’s ever a problem, our service technicians are available 24/7. For commercial installations, please give us a call and schedule an appointment today. 

For customer emergencies please call
518-465-3535 or 518-463-0084

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