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More Money for Popsicles: Cutting Your Air Conditioning Costs

Matt Polsinello - Monday, July 28, 2014
Ah, the many monetary demands of summer…vacations, picnics, parties, even the ice cream man. All of us want to stash away a few dollars during the 12 weeks of summer, and even though we rely on central air to keep us cool, we want to save money on utility bills by keeping giving the costs for running the A/C to a minimum. 

Here are 5 Tips to Cutting Your Air Conditioning Costs: 

1)   Keep the system on during the day and at night. Turning it on and off will only make it work harder when it starts back up.  

2)   But adjust the temperature when no one will be home so it doesn’t keep the home too chilly.  

3)   Consider setting temperature at slightly higher temperature. Each degree below 78°F will increase your energy use by 3 to 4%.   

4)   Install ceiling fans to circulate cooled air and keep a breeze going.  

5)   Perform regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit. Replace the filter monthly during the cooling seaso and have a professional service your system at the beginning of each cooling season. Follow these tips, and you’ll save significantly on utility costs, leaving you with more funds to buy your kids that Fudgsicle, and maybe even one for yourself. Go ahead and splurge. It’s summer after all.

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