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Keeping Energy Conservation All in the Family:

Matt Polsinello - Monday, July 07, 2014
We all remember our moms yelling at us to turn off the lights when leaving the room. Decades later, this decree is still one of the key lessons to teach our kids. 

Let us shed some light on exactly how much energy can be saved by this one simple task: if Americans all turned off just 2 lights in our homes for an hour, every day, we’ll save more than 5 billion kilowatt hours of electricity across the nation, each year. 

Kids won’t understand kilowatts, but it will be fun for them to turn off lights and watch movies or even shut off their handheld electronics to hang with their family. 

Teach your children to add layers in the winter and shed them in the warmer months. If you see them sporting hoodies in June because the air conditioner’s pumping out too much cooled air, it’s time to change the temp. Ditto for seeing the kids in shorts in winter because the thermostat is turned up too high. 

Remind your kids, lecture them if you must, but when you see the savings on your energy bill, you’ll want to have a family celebration with pizza and a movie. In the dark, of course.

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