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How to Troubleshoot Common Furnace Issues

Matt Polsinello - Tuesday, March 28, 2017

As any homeowner knows, sometimes problems happen, often at the most inconvenient of times! Be prepared the next time your furnace fails with these troubleshooting steps you can take while you wait for us to arrive:

  • Easy Fixes: Little things can be the problem with your furnace. Check to make sure that the unit did not become unplugged accidentally. If you have an older home, you may want to make sure that a blown fuse isn’t the cause for your heater suddenly not running.

  • Filters: Your system can still be new and in great shape, but if the filter is dirty, the whole thing can easily shut down. Ensure that changing your filter is a part of your routine maintenance plan.

  • Do Some Cleaning: Debris and ice can easily loosen or damage your belt. Turn off the unit, check the fan, and clean out the coils while you make sure that your blower belt is still fully intact. Be sure that after you’re all done, you turn the unit back on to see if it’s up and running again!

  • If All Else Fails… give us a call! Polsinello Fuels, Inc. is here for you.

For customer emergencies please call
518-465-3535 or 518-463-0084

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