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Home Energy Loss Prevention Checklist: Central Air Conditioning Edition

Matt Polsinello - Monday, June 30, 2014

We all love the way central air conditioning works in our homes: we can move freely from room to room without ever experiencing pockets of heat that make us feel like we’ve just stepped out of the shower. 

Central air conditioning beats back the mugginess and is far more effective than window units. There are steps you can take to ensure your home’s system is in tip-top shape. 

Here’s a primer on home energy loss prevention - central air edition: 

  • Have your system checked on a regular basis. Maintaining the central air conditioning unit is the #1 way to save energy and money. At Polsinello, we’ll give you a maintenance schedule with recommended times to call us for regular inspections and maintenance.  
  • Keep the area around your outside unit clean and free from leaves. Planting trees near the unit will also provide shade during the daytime when the sun is at its highest.
  • Make sure that ducts throughout the system are sealed and insulated. Cooled air can be lost through leaks (and conversely, hot air can seep in), causing the system to work harder.
  • Clean or replace your air filters regularly. Most filters last for 30 days, and then should be cleaned or replaced with new ones.
  • Install weather stripping around the windows and doors of your home to prevent air loss. 
  • Try not to block the vents inside your house. 
  • And of course, keep all exterior doors and windows closed while the air conditioning unit is running. 
 Follow these tips to keep your home’s central air conditioning humming!

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