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Flex Prepay & Budget Programs At Polsinello Offer The Biggest Discounts!

Matt Polsinello - Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Are you paying for heating oil and propane? Polsinello Fuels offers various prepay and budget programs for customers to help reduce monthly costs.

Polsinello Fuel's Flex Prepay and Budget programs offer the biggest discounts and require no enrollment fees. Many customers like to pay for their heating oil and propane upfront, to receive the biggest discount and lowest costs, so they enroll in the Flex Prepay Budget program. This allows them to pay for their entire year's supply of heating oil and propane upfront and in one payment. Others like the Flex Budget program at Polsinello allow customers to pay for their heating oil and propane throughout the course of the year and lower their monthly bills.

For more information on Polsinello Fuel's Flex Prepay program, other prepay programs and budget programs, visit the Price Protection Programs page or contact us.

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