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Fire it up! Why Cooking with Propane is the Best Way to Cook

Matt Polsinello - Wednesday, August 06, 2014
A whopping 97% of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas. Maybe it’s time you did, too.

Here are 7 benefits to cooking with propane:

• Propane-fueled cook tops offer instant heat and absolute temperature control, allowing cooks to adjust from a boil to a simmer in seconds.

Propane provides a more even heat across the bottom of pots and pans, which means fewer hot spots to scorch sauces or burn the top of that beautiful cake you just popped in the oven.

• Cooking with propane, on average, is less than half the cost of cooking with electricity.

• Gas will respond instantly (electric elements won’t).

• Gas burners have no problems with warped-bottom pans, vs. electric heat elements that require flat-bottom pans to maximize their cooking ability.

• Various energy-savings features (such as pilotless ignition and improved insulation) are also available on propane cooking appliances.

These features can reduce gas consumption by 30 to 50%, further increasing propane’s cost advantage over electricity.

• Propane cooking appliances cover a wide spectrum, from low-cost economy models to deluxe units that combine every imaginable cooking convenience and energy-saving feature.

Isn’t it time you switched to propane for cooking? Call us today (518-465-3535) and let us tell you more! Or, feel free to email us.

For customer emergencies please call
518-465-3535 or 518-463-0084

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