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Buying a House: Heating & Cooling Considerations

Matt Polsinello - Monday, January 19, 2015
According to some data, the months between April and July are when the most house sales take place. April is just a few months away, and if you’re in the market for a new home, consider the heating and cooling of a home when making a decision.

Energy costs can’t be predicted, but it’s probably a safe bet to think they won’t dip drastically. Now, you have to consider heating and cooling systems that play nice with energy costs, otherwise, when buying a home, you might be buying into higher than expected energy costs.

During your first couple inspection of prospective home, keep heating and cooling systems and costs in mind. And, even if the systems don’t seem to be presenting any issues in the present, it’s ideal to think long-term and how much you’re willing to spend on repairs and replacements.

What to Look For:

1. Pay attention to the layout of the home. The layout alone may have a big impact on the energy costs to run the house. Are there high ceilings? If so, how efficient are the current systems for rooms of that type?

2. How many floors/stories is the house? 2 stories? 3 stories? A multiple level home may present an issue because of the way heat rises and how the system helps circulate that air. Do the bottom floors stay too cool while the top floor is making your forehead bead with sweat?

3. Zones. How many heating/cooling zones does the house have? In other words, if you have the ability to control the temperature by zone, this would be more ideal than if you had one single point of temperature control.

As you inspect potential homes, heating issues should be foremost in your mind. While obvious issues will be apparent, there are less obvious things that need to be considered.

4. Vents. Are there vents close to or under windows? If so, this may contribute to higher energy costs. Do the larger rooms even have vents or do they rely on a single vent? If so, this large area might take longer to heat and/or cool.

With new homes, you can expect to find heating issues can be addressed in an easier manner, where older homes present different challenges. In any event, contact us so we can help make your dream home more energy efficient with any number of the heating and cooling products and maintenance we offer.


Refer and Earn with 50/50!

Do you know someone who’s looking for a quality energy provider?

Refer them to us!

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