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Polsinello Fuels has over 100,000 square feet of storage for packaged and drummed oil in our four warehouses (Rensselaer, Syracuse, Plattsburgh and Westbury). We also have over 250,000 gallons of bulk lubricant storage. Additionally, Polsinello Fuels has one of the largest petroleum distribution fleets of tractor trailers, box trucks and tanker trucks on the road. This extensive distribution network enables Polsinello Fuels to service the entire northeast effectively and efficiently.

It is not just the size of The Polsinello Fuels' network that is impressive. It is the quality attention to detail that is given. Polsinello Fuels distribution network is consistently ranked one of the highest in the country for product quality and control. Polsinello Fuels is a recipient of the Distributor Product Quality Assurance (DPQA) certification. This is Shell Oil's highest ranking for quality control. It is this precise control that enables Polsinello Fuels to efficiently drum and package oil at our own facilities and reduce the costs to the customer.

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Bulk Lubricant Plant and Warehouse

PFI’s Bulk Lube Plant stores a quarter million gallons of bulk lubes and motor oils that PFI has packaged from quart size to drums. The updated catalog and computer system, as well as the 800 number and 24-hour emergency phone line, give the customer the utmost in time and delivery.

With over 100,000 square feet of dry storage and warehouses in Rensselaer, Plattsburgh, Canastota, and Westbury for packaged case goods and drums, PFI can service the whole Northeast efficiently.

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