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Propane Delivery

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Propane Delivery From a Reliable Local Supplier

Polsinello Fuels, Inc. provides propane delivery in Albany, NY, Troy, NY, and The Greater Capital Region. We have installed over 60,000 gallons of propane storage at our Rensselaer facility and plan on adding more in the near future. Our fleet of propane delivery vehicles is one of the most reliable and advanced around. With how satisfied our many existing heating oil customers are, they were excited at the opportunity to purchase their propane from us as well.

Propane is a clean, safe fuel alternative that is used for more than a backyard barbecue. The nearly 60 million Americans who use propane every year can attest to <propane’s many benefits, most importantly its ability to bring an economical energy solution to areas where other energy sources won’t work. Propane is useful in powering generators to run your home during an outage or other emergency, or keep your pool or fireplace warm and ready for your enjoyment. We are proud of our rapidly expanding propane delivery service and the many offerings we have to better serve our customers.

Automatic Delivery of Propane to Your Home or Business

One of the best propane offerings by Polsinello Fuels Inc. is Automatic Delivery. Many customers use propane in an unpredictable manner. Automatic Delivery allows Polsinello Fuels Inc. to monitor and manage the supply of propane to your home or business and provide consistent, reliable propane delivery services. Let Polsinello Fuels Inc. take the guess work out of managing your propane delivery and sign up for Automatic Delivery today.

CENTERON Tank Monitors

With help from the latest technology, we are able to monitor your propane tank from our office using a cellular CENTERON tank monitor. When combined with automatic delivery, this removes the need for you to check your tank gauges and provides added peace of mind. This is especially useful in cases of sporadic use.

Prepay & Price Protection Plans for Propane Customers

Much like heating oil, Polsinello Fuels Inc. cannot control the price of propane. Our propane customers expect not only a high level of service but convenient and affordable ways to purchase their propane, so we have created several ways for our customers to manage their propane costs. Whether you are looking to PREPAY for your entire year's supply of propane or would like to BUDGET your propane throughout the year, Polsinello Fuels Inc. has a Price Protection Program that will fit your needs.

Residential Polsinello Propane Tanks

New York Propane Supplier Near You

Polsinello Fuels Inc. has grown to become one of the most trusted propane suppliers throughout Upstate New York. With our origins in the Capital District, specifically Rensselaer County, we have grown to supply propane to customers from Lake George to Hudson, NY. Polsinello Fuels Inc. is one of the only propane suppliers to cover such a large and diverse territory. 

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For customer emergencies please call
518-465-3535 or 518-463-0084

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