Recent Heating Oil Prices in New York State

You may be wondering how heating oil prices are set in Albany, NY, Troy, NY and the Greater Capital Region. They are always a popular topic of conversation and the news seems to have a breaking story on oil prices every week. As heating oil is a by-product of crude oil, the constantly fluctuating price of crude oil determined by worldwide supply and demand may have an impact on the price of heating oil.

Heating oil is a petroleum product that goes through an interesting journey before it ends up in the heating oil tank at your home. The journey begins with exploration and drilling for crude oil. After the crude oil is discovered and reached, it is extracted from the earth. The crude oil is then sent to a refinery where it is converted into the petroleum products we use each day, such as heating oil and gasoline. Once heating oil is produced, it is shipped to a terminal where it is stored and eventually sold to heating oil suppliers like Polsinello Fuels. Then the heating oil is loaded into our trucks and delivered to your home or business. Every step of this process affects home heating oil prices. Fortunately, this is a reliable and efficient process of keeping you and your family warm!

Price Protection Programs

To help take the ups and downs out of heating oil prices in New York, Polsinello Fuels. has developed several Price Protection Programs. These programs offer large discounts and a defense against high prices. Polsinello Fuels. cannot control heating oil prices but we work tirelessly to ensure our customers receive the very best programs and pricing around!

Efficiency and Your Budget

In addition to price protection programs, there are other ways to control the impact heating oil prices have on your budget. While Polsinello Fuels. is a home heating oil supplier, we believe everyone should do their part to burn less fuel, whether it is heating oil, propane, or natural gas. Turning down the thermostat is an obvious solution, but there are ways to be more economical without freezing! 

The first is to make sure your heating system is efficient and running right. An annual tune-up is a great way to make sure your heating system is running efficiently. If your heating system is in need of replacement, Polsinello Fuels. can help as well. Today's oil heating equipment can be over 20% more efficient than older oil heating equipment. A new state of the art boiler or furnace will help provide peace of mind for years to come as well as great savings! We cannot control heating oil prices, but we work to provide the very best prices and creative ways for our customers to save with efficient heating equipment.

Polsinello Fuels is a proud supporter of the Home Energy Assistance Program. Learn more about the HEAP Program here.

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