Heating Oil Delivery

Heating Oil Delivery

Heating oil has many names: fuel oil, #2 oil, and oil heat, to name a few. No matter what you call it, Posinello Fuels Inc. has become a leader in the heating oil delivery business through tireless work to serve our customers across 60 years in business. Modern oil heat is a clean and safe way to heat your home. Fuel oil will only ignite when vaporized in your oil burner, and today’s heating oil has 95% less sulfur than in 1970. Heating oil equipment provides better heat and faster hot water than other types of fuel, making it an economical choice, as well.

Delivery Options

Our customers have come to expect a consistent and high-quality delivery service from Polsinello Fuels., especially considering we have one of the largest fleets of delivery vehicles in the Capital District. To achieve this, we offer a variety of delivery options. Will-Call delivery allows for case-by-case delivery when you need it, but Automatic Delivery is by far the most convenient option.

Automatic Delivery of Heating Oil

Polsinello Fuels. offers many delivery options, and the best is Automatic Delivery. Automatic Delivery allows Polsinello Fuels. to monitor and manage the supply of heating oil to your home or business by tracking the average usage of heating oil and comparing it to the outdoor temperatures. This tried and true method of heating oil delivery is extremely accurate and reliable. Automatic Delivery removes the need for you to check your tank gauges and provides added peace of mind. Allow Polsinello Fuels. to take the guess work out of managing your heating oil and sign up for Automatic Delivery today.

Price Protection Program

Polsinello Fuels. does not control the price of heating oil, but we have created several ways for our customers to manage their heating oil costs. Whether you are looking to PREPAY for your entire year's supply of heating oil upfront or would like to BUDGET your heating oil throughout the year, Polsinello Fuels. has a Price Protection Program that will fit your needs.

Albany, New York Heating Oil Supplier

Polsinello Fuels. has grown to become one of the largest and most trusted Heating Oil suppliers throughout Upstate New York. With our origins in the Capital District, specifically Rensselaer County, we have grown to supply heating oil to customers from Lake George to Hudson, NY. Polsinello Fuels. is one of the only heating oil suppliers to cover such a large and diverse territory.
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