Home Energy Audit

The Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment or Energy Audit is an invaluable tool for many homeowners. The idea of improving the energy efficiency of a home can seem daunting for some homeowners. Other times home owners are unaware of the energy efficiency problems of their home. That is why the Energy Audit is so important.

Home Energy Audits in New York

The Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment or Energy Audit is part of the New York Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. Polsinello Fuels is associated with this program because we are Building Performance Institute (BPI) accredited contractor. This means Polsinello Fuels is trained on the latest industry standards for energy efficiency and we approach energy efficiency with a “whole-house” approach. Although Polsinello Fuels is a heating and air conditioning company, we are a BPI accredited contractor which means we must consider all the factors within a home that impact energy efficiency including windows, insulation, appliances, etc.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

Once a customer is enrolled in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program, we schedule and perform the Energy Audit. During the Energy Audit, Polsinello Fuels performs an inspection of the entire home including the basement and attic. We then perform multiple tests using special equipment including a blower door. The blower door test helps us measure how drafty a home really is. In addition to the inspection and diagnostic tests, we will perform health and safety tests to ensure the home is up to standards. The Energy Audit is a great way to learn about your home and tends be the most beneficial when the customer accompanies our Auditor.

When the Energy Audit is complete, Polsinello Fuels will prepare a report which demonstrates where improvements are needed, a proposal to remedy the problems and estimated costs to perform the improvements. Most often, Polsinello Fuels performs the heating and air conditioning improvements if they are recommended. When other improvements are recommended that Polsinello Fuels does not perform, such as insulation, we work with a network of other BPI contractors who can perform the improvements. This collaboration with other BPI contractors provides a comprehensive approach to the upgrades within the home.

In addition to a comprehensive road map to energy efficiency created during the Energy Audit, the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program offers low interest financing and cash-back incentives for performing the upgrades outlined after the Energy Audit (subject to change). Also, for income qualified homes, Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR offers even greater incentives to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home.

After the Energy Audit is complete, the customer chooses their incentive and the work is performed. After the upgrades are complete, Polsinello Fuels will return to the home to conduct a “test-out.” The “test-out” ensures all of the upgrades have been completed properly and the resulting improvements to energy efficiency are as expected.

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