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Home A/C Installations

Polsinello Fuels has performed home air conditioning installations for over 30 years. Our company was founded by Louis Polsinello, Sr. in the 1950’s before home air conditioning was as common as it is today. However, our beginnings in the heating industry lead us into the home air conditioning installation business as the demand grew. Polsinello Fuels began in the home heating business and has since grown into one of the largest home air conditioning installation companies in Upstate New York. If you are in need of a home air conditioning installation call 518-465-3535!

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Complete Home Air Conditioning Installation

Today, Polsinello Fuels performs complete home air conditioning installations as well as basic “swap outs” or upgrade installations. Our home air conditioning installation teams are some of the most highly trained in the industry. Polsinello Fuels’ installations teams are capable of installing complete ductwork and furnace systems as well as basic air conditioning condensing unit upgrades.

Free In-home Air Conditioning Consultation

The home air conditioning installation process begins with a free in-home consultation from one of Polsinello Fuels highly trained sales professionals. Unlike other companies’ salespeople, our sales professionals are trained in building performance and energy efficiency. We pride ourselves on taking the time to find the right home air conditioning system for your home. The goal of Polsinello Fuels is to perform a home air conditioning installation that is right for our customer the first time, every time. We know what it takes to keep you cool and comfortable all summer long!

Polsinello Home Air Conditioning Installation Team

Once a home air conditioning system is selected by you for your home, Polsinello Fuels’ installation team will arrive and perform the home air conditioning installation. Our installation teams are trained in system design and performance. Polsinello Fuels’ installation teams are also equipped with all the tools and equipment to complete the home air conditioning installation in a neat, professional and timely manner. All home air conditioning installations come with a one year parts and labor workmanship warranty. Polsinello Fuels has been in business for over 60 years because we stand behind our work!

Polsinello Fuels is capable of installing just about every kind of home air conditioning system. Our teams have installed complete ductwork and furnace systems, ductless mini split systems and many other types of home air conditioning systems. There are many factors that affect what type of home air conditioning system your home may need. That is why, dealing with a company like Polsinello Fuels is important. Our extensive experience with various home air conditioning systems allows Polsinello Fuels to make the right choice when it comes to efficiency, design, performance and comfort.

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Refer and Earn with 50/50!

Do you know someone who’s looking for a quality energy provider?

Refer them to us!

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