Commercial A/C Installations

Over the past decade, Polsinello Fuels has made a concerted effort to grow in the commercial air conditioning installation business. We have taken our 60 years of experience and applied our strong work ethic to the commercial air conditioning installation business. This has created a recipe for success. Over the past few years, Polsinello Fuels has grown into one of the premier commercial air conditioning installation companies in Upstate New York. If you are in need of more information on commercial air conditioning installations call 518-465-3535!

Highly-Trained Commercial Air Conditioning Installation Teams

Today, Polsinello Fuels performs commercial air conditioning installations for a variety of customers across a variety of applications. We have performed commercial air conditioning installations for private and public customers. Polsinello Fuels is capable of performing commercial air conditioning installations of large split systems, air handlers, and roof top units. Our ability to serve multiple customers with a host of solutions is why our commercial air conditioning installation services are in demand. Our commercial air conditioning installation teams are highly trained and certified to work on just about all worksites.

Our Air Conditioning Installation Process

Our commercial air conditioning installation process is customer friendly. We are capable of working with most customers’ specifications and plans. Also, Polsinello Fuels is capable of applying our years of experience and creating our own cost effective commercial air conditioning installation concepts as well. Whether you are a builder looking for a reliable commercial air conditioning installation contractor or the end user looking for a creative solution, Polsinello Fuels can help.

Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Polsinello Fuels is capable of installing most types of commercial air conditioning systems. Our teams have installed split systems, roof top units, heat pumps and many other types of commercial heating systems. We are capable of installing complete mechanical systems or basic roof top exchanges. There is no commercial air conditioning system to big or small for Polsinello Fuels to work on. Our extensive experience with various commercial air conditioning systems allows Polsinello Fuels to make the right choice when it comes to efficiency, design, performance and service.

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