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Gasoline & Diesel

Gasoline & Diesel

For customer emergencies please call 518-465-3535 or 518-463-0084

Wholesale Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Distribution & Delivery

Polsinello Fuels, Inc. is an independently owned and operated wholesale distributor of branded and unbranded gasoline and diesel fuel. Most of our products are delivered by our own fleet of trucks and experienced, safety minded drivers. Polsinello Fuels also has a close relationship with multiple common carriers when additional delivery resources are required.

Customer Service is Important to Us

Your business is important to us. We understand each customer has specific needs and expectations. Polsinello Fuels prides itself on offering superior customer service with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. Our team builds a relationship with each of our customers and works hard to understand their unique operations and needs.

Customer focused services include:

  • 24 hour emergency customer services
  • PCI / EMV upgrades and improvements
  • Rebate programs
  • Branded image packages
  • Site image upgrades
  • Ground-up station assistance and consultation
  • Remote tank monitoring
  • Order and delivery management
  • Market updates and price assistance
  • Marina fuels and brand packages

Polsinello Fuels, Inc. is a proud supplier of:

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Commercial Fuel Supplier in New York

Polsinello Fuels, Inc. is the area’s premier fuel supplier for commercial diesel fuel, gasoline, and propane requirements. Whether you are a construction company, fleet, manufacturing and development facility, retirement or assisted living facility, hospital, or agriculture focused business you can depend on Polsinello Fuels to deliver premium fuels with customer tailored delivery service.

Customer focused services include:

  • 24 hour emergency customer services
  • Polsinello Select Diesel: This fuel is treated with premium cold flow improver, lubricity improver, cetane booster, fuel stabilization, injector cleaner and water dispersant additives to provide the best possible product for the most demanding environments
  • Winter blended diesel fuels treated with premium additive or #1 diesel/kerosene
  • 500 & 1,000 gallon skid tank packages
  • Wet hose fueling into vehicles and equipment
  • Remote tank monitoring
  • Emergency generator fueling

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