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6 Steps To Total Lower Cost

At Mirabito, we understand the importance in providing cost-saving options for our customers, who are often looking for new ways to save on their heating bills. We do our best to offer the lowest prices and best price protection programs in Upstate NY, but there are other ways to help cut the cost of your heating bills.

Price Protection Programs

A Price Protection Program is an easy and convenient way to lock in your fuel price for the year or save up front. Mirabito is proud to offer a range of prepay and budget programs for heating oil and propane. Click here for more information on what types of programs we offer and what program is best for you.

Update Equipment

Whether propane, heating oil, or electric, older heating equipment could be costing you money by being less efficient. New heating oil equipment can up to 20% more efficient than older equipment, and new propane equipment can be up to 96% more efficient! While Mirabito is a heating fuel supplier, we believe everyone should do their part to burn less fuel; updating your equipment can help the environment and your wallet!

Annual Tune-Ups

Much like a car needs regular maintenance to run at peak performance, so does your heating equipment. Our home heating service and repair technicians are some of the best and most highly trained in the industry. A regular tune-up can save you up to 20% in annual costs.

Service Agreements

A service agreement is an affordable preventative maintenance program to protect your heating and cooling system equipment. Mirabito is happy to offer many types of service agreements to help keep your heating and cooling equipment running as efficiently as possible.


Home Energy Audits are an important way to understand how you can better improve your home’s energy efficiency. Mirabito is proud to work with the New York Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program to help our customers understand how efficient their homes are. Schedule an Energy Audit today!

Be Energy Smart

Regardless of if you have Mirabito come in for an Energy Audit, replace an outdated heating or cooling system, or sign up for a cost-saving program, often the easiest solution to make an impact on your heating and cooling costs is to do simple DIY improvements in your home. Sealing air leaks, ensuring you have adequate insulation, and programming your thermostats to lower temperatures in the winter and higher temperatures in the summer are all quick and easy ways to save money.

Refer and Earn with 50/50!

Do you know someone who’s looking for a quality energy provider?

Refer them to us!

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